A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start


Therapology. To some the word may portray a sense of healing, to others, therapology is simply a portmanteau word. For this reason, I would like to leave therapology to self interpretation. After all, in life we all make meaning of our own environment. My interpretation of the word is simple. I think of therapology as a state of “self-actualization,” in which one reaches their full potential in life and is able to come to a realization of that potential. A famous psychologist, Abraham Maslow, described self-actualization as a “Desire to accomplish everything that one can, to become the most that one can be.” Every individual may perceive self-actualization differently, and therefore there is no one standard of what that potential may be or look like. In no way am I saying that I have reached this level of self-actualization, but similar to this blog, I am a work in progress.

On a lighter note, I am happy to say that this is my very first blog entry EVER. My very amazing, smart, thoughtful, and lovable fiance surprised me with building the foundation of this blog and added my “actual” first entry, “A healthy sense of self,” that I had previously posted a few months back on another social media site. Thanks to him, and his motivational push toward something I have been talking about for almost a year, my dream to establish a blog is finally here! Oh, and did I mention how dreamy he is? (side note).

Anyways, please stay tuned for future posts that will encompass all aspects of life including, love, beauty, health, FOOD, relationships, etc. with a dash of a therapeutic twist ( I am a therapist after all hehe). Yea maybe I am a little corny, but hey, I plan to keep everything professionally honest. Also, I will be posting food ratings from different restaurants as often as possible. So needless to say, STAY TUNED.

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