PUESTO -Mexican Street Food

Ay Dios Mio! Don’t speak Spanish? It’s okay neither do I… But when you try these delicious tacos you may feel like you do.. haha jk. But no, Seriously! So this is my very first food review and I am excited because as I have mentioned before, I LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEEEEEEE food so much that it kind of scares my husband. But anyways, I went to this restaurant called Puesto in the downtown San Diego area, by Seaport Village and got to try these Yummmmyyy tacos.


I will go ahead and rank them in my order of favoritism. 1. Potato Soy Chorizo (Far Right) 2. Chicken Al Pastor (Middle) 3. Smoked Tuna (Far Left)… All three came on a corn tortilla, and you may be thinking “What in the world is that brown stuff,” well my friends the brown stuff is cheese… mmmmm i loveeee cheese so much, even though I am lactose intolerant I still must have cheese in my life. Okay I went off on a tangent, so let me regroup my thoughts. Anyways, the tacos taste authentic and not “Americanized.” They are not as authentic as some of the tacos I have tasted in Mexico or even South San Diego (Chula Vista area), but most definitely as authentic as it gets in the overall San Diego region.

The tacos were in a soft corn tortilla with crispy melted cheese wrapped around decadent quality ingredients. After only one bite I couldn’t help but say “Mmmmmhh these are bomb, (My typical stamp of approval). I especially enjoyed the Potato Soy taco because, well, I absolutely love potatoes and with the combo of the cheese and avocado it was mouth watering to say the least. The tacos were not greasy AT ALL and tasted extremely fresh. Tacos rating – 8.5/10 

So basically you get 3 tacos for 11$ (with the exception of the Grilled Shrimp and Filet Mignon tacos which are an additional 1.50$, and the Lobster taco which is an additional 3.50$). I was extremely full after the three tacos and my yummy, moderately priced alcoholic beverage (La Verdad 10$). Price rating – 7/10 (1 being completely unreasonable pricing, 10 being an extremely great deal)

The service was not too bad. Not the best I have had but still very good. The servers were attentive and the overall vibe of the restaurant was great, which is extremely important in my book. I enjoy a good ambiance. We sat outside with the sun shining and the breeze flowing. There were enough people and the place was not dead, considering it was like 1 pm. Service and Ambiance Rating –  8/10

Overall Rating – 8/10 (Mathematically the average would have been 7.83333, but I rounded up to the whole number 😉 

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are looking for some great tacos, a nice ambiance, and some delicious drinks! 

P.S there are two locations in San Diego, La Jolla area and Downtown San Diego.

Here is the Yelp Link:


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