Maria Mariiaaaaaaa – Santana

Maria Mariiaaaaaaa – Santana


Take a stroll down San Francisco’s Mission St., and you are bound to encounter beautiful murals displayed on building walls. On my walk back to work I stumbled upon this beautiful painting of Carlos Santana, depicted in black against a white panel. The artist used Gothic lettering to read “Para la Mision,” (To the Mission). I was captivated by the details portrayed on Carlos’s face, as well as his facial expression which speaks astonishment, and admiration. Upon passing, I knew I had to take a quick photo, with me in it of course, Ha!


I would consider myself someone who possesses an eclectic style, but I tend to lean toward more basics, which I can dress up or down depending on the occasion. For work, I like to add a sprinkle of professional attire, like the vest I have on over my button-up. To avoid “over doing” the professional look, I like to pair the top with some jeans and flats. Voila, we have a comfy outfit that still looks put together.

I love that art is portrayed in more ways than just a painting. Art is fashion, art is makeup, art is dancing, art is the beauty of nature, and art is love. It all falls back on the idea of perspective, and interpretation. What does art mean to you?

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