Discovering Our Passion

Discovering Our Passion


Looking back on my life, I realized that I was never really involved in any extracurricular activities. Retrospectively, this has left me questioning where my talent and passions lie. I believe that participating in extracurricular activities, and exploring our talents in childhood/adolescence is crucial for a healthy sense of self, and lifestyle. It teaches us confidence, healthy competition, and social skills, while simultaneously allowing us to discover our passion in life.

The eagerness to seek and develop my talents did not begin until my early to mid 20’s, and is continuously growing. With age I have become more open-minded by learning to trust my decisions, and let go of my anxiety-provoking thoughts. I think of these anxious thoughts as futuristic thinking, because instead of embracing the here and now, our mind gets trapped in whats going to happen in the future. We worry about the ‘what ifs’ instead of the ‘now.’ It is important to embrace a mindfulness practice in order to be more present, and aware of our external and internal environment.

It became clear that my anxiety-provoking thoughts were interfering with my self-exploration. The more I embraced and brought awareness to these thoughts, the more I learned to accept their presence. With time, I was able to reduce my feelings of anxiety by acknowledging that these thoughts exist instead of avoiding them, which was further labeling them as anxiety provoking.

Getting rid of futuristic thinking allowed me to feel confident in my decisions and self exploration by eliminating thoughts that provoked doubt, and worry. This motivated me to explore arenas I otherwise would not have ventured into. Throughout my self exploration, I uncovered a passion for cooking, photography, blogging, meeting new people, and makeup.

Continuing to explore our talents and passions, regardless of age, helps create a sense of fulfillment and happiness. Doing so, we take a step toward self awareness, and learn to seek joy from all that life offers. <3

Last week I did my two friends’ makeup, and took professional head shots of them at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. Despite it taking 6 hours, I enjoyed every moment of it! 🙂









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