Whole Grains: What’s the Whole Fuss?

Whole Grains: What’s the Whole Fuss?

What Are Whole Grains?

We have all heard about whole grains when shopping for bread, but why should we care? Whole grain bread uses the entire grain kernel, this is what makes it whole.  A grain kernel has three parts, the innermost part called the germ, the next layer called the endosperm and the outer layer called the bran.

Why Are They Important?

Each of the layers of the grain kernel provides different nutrients. The whole grain kernel has all of the benefits of the grain compared to refined grains, which only use the endosperm (predominately carbohydrates). See the image below of the anatomy of a grain.


whole grains

Which Grains are Whole?

Here is a quick list of some of the most common whole grains so keep an eye out for these grains when buying bread because they serve as an ideal alternative to white flour and refined grains.

Quick List

Whole Wheat Buckwheat Whole Grain Barley
Whole Oats Quinoa Wild Rice
Brown Rice Wheatberries Millet
Whole Rye Bulgar Spelt
Farro Amaranth Grano


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