Hello and welcome to Therapology! My name is Könül: a wife to a loving husband, a mother to an amazing son, and a Marriage and Family Therapist. I truly enjoy these various roles I’ve acquired in life and love to share my experiences and learnings with others.

What Can I Expect to Find On Therapology?

The foundation of wellness is built on a better understanding of yourself. I passionately share my knowledge to inspire you to live a more fulfilled and self-aware life by becoming the best version of yourself! On Therapology you will find therapeutic techniques, nutritional tips, practical printables to simplify your life and inspire you, and all around wellness information. Also, as a mother I plan to share child-related content. So whether you’re a fellow therapist, wife, mother, or wellness connoisseur, join Therapology on our therapeutic journey to wellness!

What is Your Background and Work Experience?

As corny as this may sound, my passion for the mental health field sparked during my junior year of high school after taking an AP Psychology class. Soon after high school graduation, I started my undergraduate studies at SDSU, and 4 years later graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Psychology. Fast forward a few more years, and I completed my Masters in Marriage, Family, and Child Therapy at UOP in San Diego.

I began my practicum while in school and finished a few months after graduation in 2013. My practicum experience was working for a county agency with children and their families. There I learned to utilize a lot of play therapy techniques, as well as working with family systems. After finishing, I moved to San Francisco and started a position working for a county contracted facility serving adults, children, couples, and families. Throughout the 3 years that I worked there, I gained vast experience providing therapy to individuals with mild to severe mental health symptoms. The majority of my clients suffered from anxiety, complex trauma, depression, and other mood disorders. There I gained confidence in my role as a therapist, and learned a lot about myself through the client-therapist relationship, my individual and group supervision, collaboration with my colleagues, as well as receiving my own personal therapy. I am an eclectic therapist when working with clients, but I do focus on a more mindfulness and holistic-based approach to healing. I believe in joining with my clients and meeting them wherever they are in their healing process. By providing a non-judgmental and accepting space, I assist my clients in achieving a more compassionate outlook on their own lives and feel empowered to make the necessary changes needed to reach their desired goals.

I strongly believe in the mind-body connection and therefore advocate for a holistic approach to healing. This means that in order to lead a fulfilled life, we must focus on finding a good balance between proper nutrition, introspective healing, physical activity, and maintaining a good relationship with ourselves, and those around us. I do not believe in perfection so I strongly emphasize the term balance.

My eagerness to learn more about the effect of food on our bodies and minds encouraged me to sign up for an online certificate course called, Nutrition for Optimal Health and Wellness. I am almost done with the course and will earn my certificate in the next 2 months! This program further expands my knowledge in nutrition and wellness, allowing me to share more insight into meal plans, foods to consume and/or avoid, the nutritional content of foods, and other wellness information.

Also, I believe that a whole food plant based diet is pivotal in fighting degenerative diseases, slowing the aging process, and maintaining all-around health. This is why a lot of the nutrition content you will find on Therapology emphasizes a whole food plant-based diet. I hope you enjoy!






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