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The Therapeutic Dance

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

I think a lot, I mean A LOT (maybe too much ha) about what leads to change. How does therapy help others? How can the therapeutic process be conceptualized? Now I know there are a number of various approaches and theories of change in therapy. Every therapist adapts their own and is supported by this theory of change throughout the therapeutic process. I used the metaphor of two partners dancing to represent what therapy feels like to me. This is something that I will refer to in my follow up blogs and build/expand on moving forward.

To me, therapy is a form of movement, a dance if you will. Two partners emotionally and psychologically synchronized in the here and now. The client takes the lead and the therapist follows - following and trying to understand the anxieties and excitement as they arise and fall within the hour. The therapist, learns the cues for when it’s time to take a step back, when to step forward, and when to let go of the movement altogether. Throughout the dance, the history of the client is held onto tightly; it is relevant to why the movement appears and feels the way it does. But the history never overpowers this movement, this very moment; it is only incorporated when necessary to allow complete capturing of the movement within this dance. Through the re-experiencing and reconstructing of the potentially new ways of movement and the feelings associated with this new dance, the client learns to open themselves up for c h a n g e



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