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My Approach and Specialization 

The therapeutic relationship is one of the leading proponents of change in the work that we do. Yes, concrete tools are necessary, but without the solid relationship foundation, the tools are not as impactful to the therapy process. I view the therapeutic relationship as an opportunity for us to examine a relationship closely in order to associate what happens between us to patterns/tendencies that occur for you elsewhere in other settings. In my approach to treatment, I am authentic, insight oriented, understanding, and non-judgmental. I take a collaborative approach in helping you rediscover yourself and gain a better understanding of your experiences. We will work together to put our insight and curiosity into action by slowly shifting deeply engrained patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Doing so will allow us to make space for new shifts to unfold and the reduction of distressing symptoms that are preventing you from thriving in life.

Humans are so complex and dynamic that no single approach is going to suit every healing process. This is why I draw from a variety of different modalities including psychoanalytic, cognitive, and eastern spiritual practices, with a strong relational style. However, I do believe that it is my psychoanalytic framework that allows us to deepen our work together in order to bring about lasting change. Psychoanalysis offers exploration and understanding of the unconscious forces that underlie our present day suffering. Most people are unaware of why they feel, think, and act the way that they do, and psychoanalysis provides us the gift of bringing awareness to the reasons governing our day to day experiences, in order to deeply understand and work through them.


I am passionate about my work and take my own treatment seriously. I have been in my own analytic treatment at multiple times a week for a few years now. I strongly believe that in order to provide the most effective treatment, therapists must be actively working through their own difficulties, or have had their own treatment in the past. I am currently in my 4th year of an extensive and vigirous psychoanalytic training program that requires ongoing weekly supervision, course attendance, consultation groups, and my own treatment. This program has enriched my understanding of the human psyche and ways in which to help bring about lasting growth. 


I pride myself in my curiosity and honoring of various cultural and spiritual backgrounds and practices. Ultimately, you are the expert in yourself and I am honored to be here learning alongside of you and am curious about what you will bring into our sessions.


I Have Experience Working With 


  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Personality Issues

  • Depression and Anxiety

  • Life Transitions

  • Self-Esteem Issues

  • Acculturation Difficulties 

  • Sexual Anxieties 

  • Finding Purpose, Creativity, and Spirituality 

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